Athletic and Fine Art Directors:

During this challenging time our TAPPS stakeholders are dramatically adjusting the ways they operate. TAPPS Media is hosting a TAPPS Talk with school leaders to learn some of the different ideas and the plans being implemented across the state.

Listening to the voices of others in similar circumstances helps all of us feel less isolated. If you have a free moment please read the directions linked and answer the questions. A TAPPS Talk Podcast, our social media release on YouTube and SoundCloud, will be created from the submissions we receive. We want to hear from athletic and fine arts staff so please share this with people on your campus who can help. You can listen to an example here

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this opportunity.  As we are operating in a virtual office setting, if questions arise, please send an email to info@localhost and our TAPPS Media Director Mr. John Skees will be available to assist you.