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2019 Cheer Photography Information




All Cheer Photos will be uploaded to FCCPhotospot website.  Images will be available for purchase from the website.   If your school team would like to purchase a whole gallery, the cost is $100 ($200 if after event) for  day 1 school gallery and $100 ($200 if after event) for day 2 school gallery.  Once the gallery is purchased, it will be unlocked for all to view and download with no additional fees to purchase individually.


Gallery purchase will give you 100% ownership of photos to duplicate and distribute however you want.

A “Pre-Purchase” Order form will be available at the FCC merchandise area that will reflect the 1/2 off download.  Normal cost is $200 per each day gallery but teams purchasing at the event will get the $100 per day price.  This is a per-day gallery but once it is purchased it will be available to anyone for anyone who wishes to download the images.


$100 per day if purchased on-site / $200 per day if purchased after event.  (Cost may be split by the team, but one payment made to the photographer)


After payment is processed, the gallery purchased will be unlocked for all to go to the site and download photos.

TAPPS Photo Gallery Setup and Download 
All images will watermarked and organized by: 
-Date/Day of Performance Gallery Sets
-Session Gallery Set
-Individual Team gallery
How to download image files:
-If the gallery was not pre purchased it will be a public gallery with a “BUY” tab that will give the visitor their purchasing options.
-If the gallery was pre purchased it will be public and downloadable by visitors ($100 for day 1, $100 for day 2 if PURCHASED ON-SITE, otherwise, $200 each day)
When images are downloaded they will not have a watermark


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