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2019 Convention Day 2

June 12, 2019

Additional information will be updated as sessions are confirmed.

7:00 – 8:30 am   Registration
7:30 am



8:00 AM Honor Choir Rehearsals
8:30 am New AD / School Training Session #3
9:00 am Athletics Session #1
9:00 am

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Directors’ Meeting

Lincoln Douglas Debate

Biblical Integration- Teaching Jesus

Manual Photography Crash-Course

Bringing it all Together- Theater

Building a Program from the Ground Up- Cheer

Session #1
9:45 – 10:15 am



10:15 am Athletics Session #2
10:15 am

Fine Arts

Art General Meeting

Academic Testing

What’s New?- Cheer

Doing Within When You’re Doing Without- Practical Scoring Solutions for Small Bands

Theater Set Design

Video Broadcast Technology

Session #2
11:30 am



12:45 pm Fine Arts General Session
12:45 pm Athletics Session #3
2:00 pm Honor Choir Concert at General Session
2:00 pm Athletics Session #4
3:00 pm



3:30 pm

Fine Arts

SCOPE 101- General Rules

Cheer General Meeting

Putting the Horse Back in Front of the Cart- Choral Music

Inspiring Art based on The Chronicles of Narnia

Classroom Management – Disciple is NOT the Enemy of Enthusiasm!

Won’t You Be My Neighbor- Resources


Session #3
3:30 pm Athletics Session #5
4:45 pm

Fine Arts 

SCOPE 101- General Rules

One Act Play General Meeting

Getting Excited about Sight Reading!

Fall Band: Drumline and Marching Band Open forum

The Next Level- Cheer

Thinking Outside the Box: Creative Problem Solving

Facility Development and Maintenance


Session #4
4:45 pm Athletics Session #6

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