Fine Art Directors and Sponsors:


Here is a quick update from the TAPPS office on our Fine Art Championships for this Spring.  


At this time we are working to develop opportunities for our schools and students who compete in our fine art activities. As you meet the challenges in your classrooms presented by COVID 19 please see the most current TAPPS information outlined below.


  • For all remaining Fine Art activities, the entry deadlines will be established in the coming weeks as we learn more about our situation.  With that being said, no entry deadlines will be prior to May 1.  


  • Academics and Speech – we continue to explore online testing options for Academics and a digital entry opportunity for Speech events.  We continue to review and explore options for our LD debate contests. Ready Writing judging is finishing up as well as Yearbook.  THose results will be available after the entry deadlines.
  • Art – we are exploring both digital and on site options for display of our student’s work.  As stated above, the entry deadline and competition would extend until after May 1. The onsight contests will not occur this year in all likelihood. Senior portfolios and Short Film judging is nearing completion.
  • Music – digital submission for all contests remains our best option for these contests, both large and small groups.  We understand the different opportunities to record that exist in our schools and our judges have voiced confidence in being able to overcome the difficulties arising from differing formats.  Sightreading will not take place this year due to the logistics of the event and music distribution. 
  • Robotics – as we move forward, we are looking for a date and location to host a one day tournament in late May. More information to come as we develop those options.


The TAPPS office will continue to work on our options for the spring competitions as the days and weeks move forward.  We will update the individual activity webpages as changes occur.


Thank you all for your patience and best wishes on your classroom activities as the year continues.

We are working as a virtual office while the COVID 19 situation continues, so please forward questions as they arise to info@localhost.