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234 State Information

  1. Teachers are to review the summer meeting minutes and the winter meeting minutes for updates, and all due dates. Any and all changes, adds or deletes decided on at the winter meeting override information in the art manual. All changes will be posted on the TAPPS website.
  2. Once the state meet has closed for all changes, adds, and deletes, schools should not continue to make changes to their state entries on TAPPSTER will not generate a label. The state paperwork is printed off on the same day that the state meet closes and as such this paperwork is the only “official paperwork”.
  3. It is the art teachers and the schools responsibility to be aware of all due dates and adhere to them, to understand and apply the guidelines and rules found within the art manual and to read the summer and winter meeting minutes for updates and deadlines. These can be found posted in the art section of the TAPPS website. Missed deadlines can result in double fees, sanctions, and a school not being able to compete.
  4. Students competing in the Art Contest must qualify for the State Meet by competing in the District Art meet.
  5. The art teacher and or a representative of the school must accompany students and the artwork to the state meet. He/she will be responsible for placing the art in the correct categories, for moving pieces out of the senior portfolio if necessary and to make sure the correct colored labels are on the work signed by both the teacher and the student.
  6. Each teacher and or school representative must fill out and print all state paperwork from TAPPSTER only. This would include inventory forms, state only entries, fee forms, and labels. Labels must be printed and taped to all artwork BEFORE arriving to the state meet and on the correct colored paper. Failure to follow these steps will result in the school having to pay double state fees and the school receiving an official sanction in their file at the state office. See section 232 for the correct Division color for the district and state labels.
  7. TAPPSTER labels cannot be altered, modified, or retitled from the district meet to the state meet on qualifying pieces of art. Schools that do not follow this rule will have the pieces in question disqualified at state without further discussion.
  8. State Schedule – will be posted to the TAPPS website.
  9. State results will be posted on TAPPSter as soon as they are verified.
  10. On-Site Drawing – Students need to qualify by placing in district On-Site drawing in 1st through 4th place.
  11. Seek and Sketch – Color and seek and sketch black and white.
    • These are qualifying events. Students must have placed 1st through 4th in a category at district to compete in this event at state.
    • Schools will need to bring one label per student for this event in the correct color.
    • At check-in the art teacher and or school representative will pick up the instructions and will receive one piece of drawing paper per student. Each student will receive one piece of drawing paper that has the official TAPPS stamp on it.
    • Students are responsible for bringing their own drawings supplies, drawing board, etc…
    • Students are not allowed in the buildings or classrooms to draw. They must stay outside and away from off limit areas. They may not climb trees or enter areas that are restricted. Students must stay on campus to create and compete their drawing. Students found not following these rules will have their work collected and they will not be able to compete.
    • Finished drawings will not be mounted or matted.
    • Disqualification of the work of art will result if teachers and or school representatives and or parents are discovered assisting students in any way including critiquing and advice during the two hours of this event.
    • Students may not draw images of people in their final artwork.
  12. On Site Design –
    • Students need to qualify for this event by placing at the district meet 1st through 4th in any category.
    • Schools will need to bring one label per student for this event in the correct color label. Students need to review Section 230 with regards to additional supplies that they need to bring for this event.
    • At Check-in the art teacher and or a school representative will pick up the instructions, and whatever materials the student needs to start the work. The room assignment and time scheduled for this event will be on the State Schedule available on the TAPPS website.