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Section 205 – Academic Meet Organization

Fine Art By-Laws
Sections 199-263

    • Each school can send to the championship meet a maximum of 3 students per contest unless otherwise stated by TAPPS.
    • No Schedule Changes due to conflicts between speaking and academic contests.  Schools may assign speakers to flights one or two to best avoid conflicts.  Schools should plan their entries carefully.
    • CHAMPIONSHIPS.  The total points in all academic events determines the state rankings.  School standing will be based on the number of points accumulated for each contest place based on the following point values:
      1st place 10 points
      2nd place 8 points
      3rd place 6 points
      4th place 5 points
      5th place 5 points
      6th place 3 points
      7th place 2 points
      8th place 1 points
    • DIVISION OF POINTS AMONG SCHOOLS TIED.  To break ties within categories, add the places together and divide the points equally.  For example, for a first place tie, add first and second place points and divide equally.  The school which ranks next shall receive third place points.  Points for ties for the remaining places shall be decided in the same manner, except that schools tied for last place shall divide equally the points assigned to that place.
    • First through eighth places will be given in each contest.  First through third places will receive medals; fourth through eighth places will receive ribbons.  For Yearbook, plaques will be awarded. There will be no award assemblies.
    • Ties for final overall school ranking shall be determined by comparison of entry placement.  The school with the greater number of entries earning first place shall be awarded the overall place.  If the school’s remain tied, the school with the most second place entries shall earn the higher place.  The comparison shall continue through all places if ties remain.