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Alignment Recap

The TAPPS Executive Board appreciates your patience as we have moved forward in the alignment process for 2018-2020. The past few years produced changes in school enrollments for many of our member schools. These changes affected the alignment of TAPPS schools more for the coming alignment than our organization had experienced previously. These changes included both growth and reduction in student populations. The football classifications were based on overall enrollment as well to keep the schools within the same general classification whenever possible as supported by the Athletic Executive Committee. In order to assist our schools in preparation for future alignments, the Executive Board appreciates the input provided by the Athletic Executive Committee and others as we undertook the planning efforts in January for the 2018-2020 years and beyond.

General Alignment

(Based on Average Total Enrollment)

6A Enrollment Average       380 and above

5A Enrollment Average       218 to 379

4A Enrollment Average       141 to 217

3A Enrollment Average       100 to 140

2A Enrollment Average       71 to 99

1A Enrollment Average        70 and below