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Section 6 – Application for TAPPS Membership


TAPPS has developed the following basic requirements for membership based upon research of those schools applying for and gaining acceptance to the organization.  While TAPPS encourages private and parochial schools to view TAPPS membership as an option, schools that are unable to meet their participation goals and commitments harm the district and organization structure.  The membership requirements are in place to protect both the applicant schools and the existing member schools.

  1. Applicant schools must meet the requirements for membership presented in Article III of the TAPPS Constitution
  2. Requirements at the time of application
    • have students in grades 9-12 at the time of application and acceptance for participation
    • have a minimum of 20 students in grades 9- This is an average of 5 students per grade
    • have participated in athletic interscholastic contests at the High School level
    • have the recommendation of at least three (3) current TAPPS member schools
    • Schools must participate in at least six (6) TAPPS activities upon acceptance
      • Boys and girls activities may be counted separately
      • Fine Art activities will be included as one activity each
    • If the applicant school is a member of an organization similar to TAPPS for extracurricular activities, the school must be in good standing with that organization and eligible for continuing membership in that organization
  3. Initial request for information
    • Complete the Information Request form located on the TAPPS website
    • TAPPS office will contact Head Administrator for a phone interview
  4. Application process
    • Phone interview
    • After the phone interview, schools meeting the requirements for membership will be forwarded an application for TAPPS membership
    • School must complete and return the application with all requested documentation to the TAPPS office
    • The Application for Membership must be accompanied with a $200 non-refundable application fee
  5. Board interview
    • Upon receipt of the application and supporting documentation, applicant schools shall be scheduled to interview  with the TAPPS executive board
    • The interview may be in person or other options as determined by the TAPPS Executive Board.
  6. Notification
    • TAPPS will notify applicant school of acceptance or denial