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Art History Instructions

Art History Test will be open for testing from Monday, March 12 until Thursday, March 29.

Students from the same school must take the test on the same day, at the same time. 

 Registration Instructions: 

Please enter your students in TAPPSter prior to your test date including:
– email addresses and passwords on their Student Profile
– an Art History Entry on Entries link. 
Available entries will be registered March 12.  If your entries still say NO to Registered after March 12, please contact the TAPPS office via the contact link ticket with category of Fine Arts. 


  1. In TAPPSter, Click STUDENT link
  2. Click a Student Name
  3. Click the black section with student name.
  4. Enter Student’s email address to be used as their login ID. If no email address, you may choose a  unique login ID. 
  5. Enter a password. Password should NOT be generic to all students. 
  6. Proceed editing student profile: Red Activities section- select ART, Blue Eligibility Section- Check the Acknowledgement of Rules box, then save.


  1. In TAPPSter, Click ENTRIES link
  2. Choose ART
  3. Click + Add New Entry
  4. Choose Art History
  5. Select a Student
  6. Save

Student Instructions: 

On your designated test day, STUDENTS will log in to, with the ID and PW assigned on their Student Profile.  
Student will click ONLINE MEET ENTRIES, then click ART HISTORY.  
Clicking the ART HISTORY test link will open instructions for the student.  Student should read the instructions before pressing the BEGIN button.  Once the  ‘BEGIN’ button is pressed, a 90 minute countdown timer will start.  Students may only test once.  Students will not be able to return to previous questions. 

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