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Section 135 – Athletic Eligibility

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

  1. INDIVIDUAL REPORT FORMS.  It shall be the responsibility of each school to keep on file the following recommended/required annual forms for each student who participates in any practice, scrimmage, or game.
    • Medical.
      • Upon entering high school and each year thereafter, a MEDICAL HISTORY and PHYSICAL EXAMINATION form must be completed by each student.  A standardized form is avail­able from the TAPPS website, which school officials may furnish to physicians if they wish. This form is to be kept on file in the school office.  The form is not to be sent to the TAPPS office unless requested.
      • Each year students and parents shall be provided education in the areas noted below.  A form confirming this education shall be kept on file with the school annually.;
        1. Sudden Cardiac Arrest
        2. Concussion
        3. Steroid and Substance Abuse 
        4. Injury Reporting and Return to play protocols
    • Parent or Guardian Permit.  Annual participation permit signed by the student’s parent or guardian is required and kept on file in the school office.  Since it provides parent’s permission for travel, etc., the coach may keep a copy with him/her.  THE FORM IS NOT TO BE SENT TO THE TAPPS OFFICE UNLESS REQUESTED.
    • Rules Acknowledgment.                                                                                                                                 
      • An Annual TAPPS Rules Acknowledgment Form signed by the student and the student’s parent or guard­ian is required and kept on file in the school office.  
      • Even if the student is 18 or older, the parent or guardian must sign the form.
    • Subchapter K, By-Laws.  Only students satisfying all the requirements in Article V of the TAPPS Constitution and in Subchapter K in By-Laws are eligible for varsity competition.
    • Non-District Games.  In any interschool games or contests, only eligible students may participate.  Each school shall complete an eligibility list for each sport.
    • Eligibility Forms.  Schools must submit comprehensive eligibility forms for all athletic and fine art contests prior to the first interscholastic contest in those events.  One copy shall be sent to the district president, one submitted to the TAPPS office, and one copy shall be filed in the school’s office.
    • Certification.  Completed eli­gibility are to be submitted before a contes­tant is allowed to participate in a contest.
    • Suspension.  Failure to furnish correct and complete information may, upon request by the proper committee, con­stitutes grounds for suspension.
  3. PREVIOUS ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION FORM. Students who represented their former school in a varsity or sub-varsity athletic contest in grades 9-12 the previous or current school year must have a Previous Athletic Participation Form completed prior to participation in a varsity contest in that sport at the new school.  This completed and approved Previous Athletic Participation (transfer) Form must be on file with the district president and the TAPPS State Office prior to the students participation in a varsity interscholastic contest.
  4. MINIMUM PENALTY. If an eligibility form or a Previous Athletic Participation Form was not filed prior to competition, and it was an inadvertent error and the student is actually eligible under Subchapter K of the By-Laws or Article V of the Constitution, the district executive committee is not required to demand forfeiture or to rule the student ineligible.  They may assess the minimum penalty of private reprimand to the school.