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Baseball Coaches Checklist for Championship Tournament

Coach Information
• Game Balls will be provided by TAPPS
• No outside food or drink will be allowed inside the facility
• BATTING ORDER will be determined by coin flip once both teams have arrived at the facility
• Dugout will be assigned by TAPPS prior to Game Time
• Weather will be monitored by Perry Weather and TAPPS Administrators
• Home team will provide national anthem and Prayer before the game
• Water will be provided by Baseball USA in the Dugouts / No Gatorade allowed on the turf
• No sunflower seeds, peanuts, or chewing gum allowed in dugout or on the field
Metal Spikes will not be allowed on the infield turf by the defense or batting players
• No stereos or boom boxes on either field or in dugouts
• Clean up dugout upon completion of your game

Eye Black
• Eye back is acceptable for players to wear during the contest
• One mark below each eye is allowed
• Excessive Eyeblack – multiple streaks or facepainting is not allowed

Causes For Ejection
• In accordance with NFHS and TAPPS Rules
• Arguing balls and strikes
• Using profanity or abusive language at any time
• Any home plate collision
• Removing of the jersey in the arena of play prior to, during, or after the contest