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Basketball Recommended Pay Scale

TAPPS approves this recommended pay scale for the 2017-18 school year. TAPPS recognizes that member schools and local chapters may need the flexibility to determine a pay rate that both consider fair and appropriate which deviates from this schedule. Additionally, TAPPS supports the use of game/season contracts between schools and chapters. TAPPS supports the officials working for our member schools and will assist in the enforcement of signed contracts in the event of dispute.


Scrimmage $75 (paid to chapter)

Regular Season Games

Varsity $75
Sub-Varsity $65

Playoff Games

Area $90
Regional $100
Championships $125

Travel (Each official based from the center point of the chapter)
0-30 Mile Radius $15
31-40 Mile Radius $20
More than 40 Miles To be negotiated between school and officials