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Basketball Rules

  1. PLAYING RULES.  The current National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Basketball Rules shall govern TAPPS basketball.
    • Live animal mascots, cannons, firearms, fireworks, etc. are prohibited at TAPPS athletic contests.
    • No dogs or other animals are allowed at TAPPS contests.
    • Except in their normal course of business, emergency vehicles shall not flash lights or sound sirens during the course of a game.
    • Noisemakers are prohibited at TAPPS events held at ­field houses and/ or gymna­siums.
    • In events held in field houses/gyms, megaphones may be used only by cheerleaders, in uniform. Megaphones must not be used to strike walls or playing surfaces.
    • Bands, when permitted, shall play only during time-outs and intermissions. Individual instruments may not be used as noisemakers.
    • No sound systems, other than the one(s) provided by the host school are allowed at TAPPS Secured sites or at neutral sites unless mutually agreed
    • Body paint and like decoration shall not be permitted by players or spectators. (Exception: Small markings as sold by cheer or other school organization on the cheek are permitted) This rule applies to all games held at neutral sites. If a TAPPS school is not going to permit this activity at their facility, the opponent should be notified in advance of the contest.
    • Air horns and bullhorns, handheld or otherwise, are not permitted at any TAPPS contest.
    • The use of, or appearance of using, any controlled substance (alcohol, drugs,etc.) before, during or after games at contest sites is prohibited by TAPPS.
    • Streamers, confetti or other such materials.
    • Coaches must remain seated on the bench at all times while the clock is running or is stopped except: the Head Coach may be standing in front of his or her seat within the confines of the designated coaches’ box.
    • He/she may give instruction to players or make substitutions, but at no time is he/she to question official’s decisions while seated or standing.
    • Assistant coaches and bench personnel may rise in front of their seats to spontaneously react to an outstanding play by a member of their team or to acknowledge a replaced player, but must immediately return to their seat.
  4. THE COACHING BOX.  The coaching box shall be outlined outside the side of  the court with a six foot box centered around the first or second seat closest to the scorers’ table.
  5. THREE POINT SHOT.  The 3-point shot will be used in TAPPS play.
  7. OFFICIALS.  See Section 134.
    • Unless otherwise indicated, the first game on the bracket shall be the bi-district game.
    • Unless mutually agreed otherwise, Bi-District games shall be played on the date(s) indicated on the current year’s calendar.
    • Unless mutually agreed otherwise, the game shall be played at the site indicated in Section 141.
    • If a neutral site is chosen, a coin toss may be used to determine which team will be designated the home team.
    • All arrangements for the bi-district games shall be according to instructions in Section 141
    • A maximum admission of $5.00 for students/senior citizens and $10.00 for adults shall be charged for bi-district games.
    • The home team shall furnish the game ball.
      • TAPPS Approved officials shall be used.
        1. Schools should attempt to secure neutral officials, which are
          • satisfactory to both parties
          • and agreed upon in advance
      • Beginning a game with an official constitutes agreement
      • TAPPS shall use 3 officials in all regional, semi-final, and State Final games.  All-District games and Play-off games up to regionals shall use 3 officials, unless mutually agreed otherwise by the two teams involved.
    • Only TAPPS PASSES are acceptable for free admission to Post District contests.  (Local and district passes are not acceptable.)
    • Spirit Squads in uniform shall be admitted free.
    • The winning coach shall report playoff scores in TAPPSter as soon as possible after the conclusion of the contest.
    • Coach shall enter the next playoff contest information in TAPPSter as soon as game information is concerned.
    • Winning coach shall check the current year bracket for next game.
  9. Format for Area/Regional Tournaments
    • All Classifications
    • TAPPS shall host tournament
    • Two regions shall be determined
    • TAPPS shall predetermine home and away tournaments or brackets
    • TAPPS shall secure neutral officials
    • TAPPS Passes shall be accepted. Local/district passes shall not be accepted
    • Spirit squads in uniform shall be admitted without charge
    • Admission price shall be determined by TAPPS
  10. FORMAT FOR STATE FINAL FOUR.In Basketball and Volleyball, for both semifinal and final round games, all coaches shall dress in a manner appropriate for the championship level of competition. Shorts, t-shirts, warm-ups and the like are not considered appropriate for the Final Four games. High- heeled shoes should not be worn at the regional and state level of competitions at the request of our hosting venues. The TAPPS officials on site will have the final determination in the appropriateness of dress.
    • Admission as determined by TAPPS will be charged for Semi-Finals and Finals.
    •  Only TAPPS APPROVED PASSES are acceptable for free admission. (Local and district passes are not acceptable.)
    •   Spirit squads in uniform shall be admitted free.
    •  The bottom team on the bracket will be the home team.
    •   WILSON Evolution is the Official Game Ball and will be provided by WILSON.
    • TAPPS will provide neutral TAPPS APPROVED OFFICIALS for the state tournament, to include the clock operator.  Officials shall be assigned from more than one chapter, if possible.
    • Music for warm ups will be furnished by the HOST school. See Section 138
    •  A host for each team in the tournament and a hospitality room for coaches and officials, will be provided by the HOST city or university.
    • Official TAPPS Tournament T-Shirts will be sold at the games by TAPPS.
    • Plaques shall be awarded as follows:
      • State Champion
      • State Runner Up
      •  Final Four plaque to each team eliminated in semi-final game.
    • Individual State Champion Medallions for Players on program roster, up to 20 players
    • Individual State Runner up Medallions for Players on program roster, up to 20 players
    • Individual State Final Four Medallions for Players on program roster, up to 20 players
    • Champion, Runner-up, and Final Four teams may purchase additional medallions from the TAPPS State office for $10.00 each.
  12. SPORTING BEHAVIORTeams entering the gymnasium prior to the contest should not run through the area occupied by the opposing team or under the basket where opponents are warming up.
    • Teams should only enter, jog and warm-up on their half of the court.
    • Gatherings intended to motivate a team after the warm-up period, during or following player introductions and any post game celebrations should be performed in the area directly in front of the team bench.
    • If during the pre-game or half-time warm-up one team leaves the floor, the other team may not use the entire court; teams may only warm up on their half of the court.
    • Only authorized personnel should be permitted on the floor; all spectators should remain in designated areas.
    • In order to maintain a proper perspective and to insure equity in competition for the participating teams, the following guidelines must be followed.
    • The guidelines apply to
      • Marching Bands
      • Drum Lines
      • Other live performance groups
      • Music played over sound systems
    • Band instruments, including drums, are not to be played at any time other than when the entire band is playing.
    • During the contest, bands are to play only
      • during pregame,
      • halftime,
      • postgame,
      • the time between quarters,
      • time-outs (except injury time-outs)
    • Because the band acts as a spirit group,
      • members should always act in a positive manner and
      • must not do anything to distract or negatively affect the opposing team.
      • It is the director’s responsibility to prevent his/her band from
      • playing at inappropriate times,
      • playing inappropriate music, or
      • taunting the opposing team.
    • In the event the score differential of a BASKETBALL contest reaches 40 or more points, the following provisions are to be implemented.
    • First half time keeping will not be affected.
    • After half time, once the 40 point differential is reached, the Clock will run continuously except for the following stoppages:
      • Time Outs
      • Quarter End
      • Injury Time Outs
    • Once the Continuous Clock has begun, time keeping does not revert back to normal procedures even if the point differential is reduced to below 40 points
    • Applies to all contests involving two TAPPS schools
    • Applies to sub-varsity and varsity competition