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Section 22 – Athletic Executive Committee



  1. The AEC will be comprised of one elected member from each classification and three at large members. The elected AEC shall make recommendation to the TAPPS Executive Board for an additional three members. The Board will appoint the at large members from the list of nominations presented by the AEC.
  2. Members are not eligible for election or selection if their school is represented with a sitting member on the Executive Board or Leadership Advisory Council. Every effort will be made to not overlap representation with the Fine Arts committee. The Executive Board shall make final determination should participation on the AEC come into question.
  3. AEC elected members shall be elected every two years in even numbered years to run with re-classification. If an AEC member moves to a different classification during their term, then the sitting AEC will appoint an interim member to serve the rest of that term. Appointed AEC members shall be reappointed at the end of each classification year.
  4. Appointed members are only eligible for reappointment for 3 consecutive terms. There are no term limits for elected AEC members.
  5. Schools represented on the AEC or Executive Board are not eligible to be elected to the Leadership Advisory Council.
  6. Elections shall be held by the end August whenever possible. Special elections or amended election dates shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Criteria of Elected and Appointed AEC Members:

  1. Serve or Served as a District President, Vice President or existing AEC member and
  2. Be employed in a Full time Position with TAPPS Member School
  3. Appointed members must have been on the most recent AEC election ballot.


  1. Athletic Policy
    1. Review all athletic policies as shown in Sections 103 – 199 of the TAPPS By- Laws
    2. Make recommendation on athletic policy to the Executive Board
    3. Advise the TAPPS board on policy impact and financial implications.
  2. General Policy 
    1.  Review general policies as shown in Sections 1 -129 of the TAPPS By-Laws.
    2. Make recommendation on general policies to the Executive Board


  1. Facilitate and assist District Executive Committees in meetings regarding potential TAPPS violations by students or school personnel.
    1. The District shall determine any violations
    2. The District will issue any sanctions necessaries.
    3. In the event of an appeal, the AEC representative will report findings to the board at the appeal meeting.
    4. A committee of a minimum of 3 AEC members may be created to conduct an intermediary hearing with issues that may cross districts or classifications. The AEC will issue sanctions in these situations. In the event of an appeal, the AEC representative(s) will report findings to the board at the appeal meeting.
    5. The AEC will also hear appeals and issue sanctions involving athletic competition governed in the Athletic Bylaws. 
    6. Local mentorship of AEC members to Athletic Directors. 
    7. The AEC may be directed to create ad hoc committees to assist with sport specific concerns.