Map to the facility is posted on the Cheer webpage.
Performances will be in the Garth Arena.  Warm-up will be in the Exposition Building.  Only coaches with badges and team students will be allowed access to the warm-up areas and back-stage, and VIP room. 

Spectators will need to have a wristband to enter the arena.
Students: $7 /   Student 2-day pass $10
Adults: $12 /   Adult 2-day pass $20

Coach check-in begins at 8:00am and continues through 11:30am.  Be prepared to pay your entry fees and pick up coach badges at the main entrance to the expo center.  Students do not need to come with you. 

For meet fees form in TAPPSter.com
Click Meet
Click your division meet (traditional or spirit) for your team entry. Individuals are all registered in Spirit Division meet. Mascots are registered in Spirit Div 2.
Click Meet fees
Check box your school
Click show report

The schedules are posted on our TAPPS Cheer webpage. Prelim performances will determine the rank order for the Finals day.  Finals schedule will be posted by 7pm on Monday evening. 

MONDAY- required meeting, optional meal
There are 2 director’s meetings.  VIP room is located on the 2nd floor of the arena.  You can take the elevator from the lobby.
9am-9:30am Div 2 and Spirit Coach’s Meeting in VIP Room
11:45am-12:15pm Div 1 Coach’s Meeting in VIP Room
8:00am-10:00am Coach’s Breakfast sponsored by FCC
12:15pm -2:15 Coach’s Lunch sponsored by Chipotle 

TUESDAY- optional meal
Coach’s Breakfast 7:30 am sponsored by FCC
Coach’s Lunch 12:00pm-2:00pm sponsored by Chipotle

Warm-up will be in the Exposition Building.  Only coaches with badges and team students will be allowed access to the warm-up areas.  Please arrive in the Warm-up area and check in at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled warm-up time.   Warm-up area is not available until your scheduled time.

Warm-up: 4 stations:
Station #1 – Stretching – no mats
Station #2 – Tumbling Warm up – one mat (4 min)
Station #3 – Stunting Warm up – two mats (4 min)
Station #4 – Routine Run through – 9 mats (4 min)

Performances will be in the Garth Arena.   You will come from the Warm-up area to the side entrance of the arena, proceed down to the arena floor to back stage.  When it is your time to perform, you will enter from stage left, layout any props, then take your positions. Your designated coach will take your music and flash drive to the sound booth near the judges stage.   The announcer will ask if you are ready, at which time your captain can acknowledge. Your designated person will start the music when it is time for the music to be played. After your performance, the team will gather at the center of the mat for a team photo (day 1 only).  Team will then exit stage right. Coach will take music and flash drive then meet the team back stage on the right to view your critique from the flash drive. 


All music must be supplied on CD, iPod or iPhone
If using an iPhone – please remove cover or case, turn to airplane mode and turn volume all the way up.
Each squad must supply a person to start and stop music tracks at the FOH (Front of House). TAPPS/FCC personnel will not perform this function.
TAPPS/FCC will not be responsible for dysfunctional media or music players.
Note: please have a safety copy available. If using CD’s bring two. If using mp3 or iPod, have the file available on your music player and a flash drive.
FCC will have a speaker with a phone adapter set up in the practice room.

If you have any questions about your performance or adjudication sheets on day 1 you may ask the legalities judge at the end of the day 1 performances approximately 4:15pm until 5pm.  

Students participating in the Jump and Tumble events will need to be back-stage immediately following the last team performance of their division.  Please be sure to listen to the announcer as they will call them back. Of course we understand that some students will be performing with their team up until it is time to gather for the individual events. 

Mascots should gather back-stage with all props by 10:30.  As soon as Div 2 Large squad is complete, we will proceed with the mascots.  Mascots may have help setting up their set. As soon as the
previous mascot is complete and begins taking down its set, the next mascot can start setting at the same time. 

There are TWO awards ceremonies on Tuesday
Approx 1:00pm: Spirit Div 1 Teams, Spirit Div 2 Teams, Trad. Div 2 Teams, Div 2 Individuals, and all Mascots will be honored.
Approx 4:15pm Division 1 Teams and Div 1 Individuals will be honored. 

  • top 4 ranked Teams in each division 
  • Superior performances in each division
  • All-State 1st, 2nd, HM teams
  • Individual Jump & Tumble Company and Best Jumper & Best Tumbler
  • Top 3 Mascots

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Please note the fee has been discounted half price to $100 per squad per performance if you pre-purchase at the event.   Just complete the Photo Download Order Form and return with payment at the event to receive the special pricing. After the event the TAPPS Download will only be available on www.fccphotospot.com for $200 per squad per performance.
This download will give you 100% ownership of photos to duplicate and distribute however you want.

Pre-Order Form- Due at the event for discount 


Team IP will be on-site with Official Championship Apparel


Chipotle will provide lunch for coaches on both days and have a tasting booth set up in the concourse.


Children’s Health and the Andrews Institute will have a trainer on-site.  Trainers will be in the arena available at the performance.  If an injury occurs in the warm-up area, alert the warm-up staff and they will radio for a trainer to come to the warm-up area.