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Cheer Leadership Committee

Thank you for all the nominations for the Cheer Leadership Committee. Please review each bio of the nominees prior to casting your vote.
After review, click the ballot link below to choose up to 3 candidates. The Fine Arts Director and Head Cheer Coach may cast a ballot.

Voting closed Tuesday, January 5.

Cheer- Tara Hargrove

Cheer- Tiffany Hubbard

Cheer- Shawn Weiss

Cheer- Sandy Arrant

Cheer- Kristi Stevens

Cheer- Kristi Abene

Cheer- Krista Godbee

Cheer- Kendra Benson

Cheer- Kelli Bay

Cheer- Julie Schuricht

Cheer- Jill Smith

Cheer- Jenna Jones

Cheer- Debbie Brooke

Cheer- Brittany Polk

Cheer- Betsy Barton

Cheer- Becky Geyer

Cheer- Ashley Little

Cheer- Amber Jonas

Cheer- Amanda Quiroga