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CHAMPIONSHIP: January 10-11, 2019 

Bell County Expo Center, Belton, TX

Entry Deadline: December 7

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High School Varsity Cheer teams will compete for Championship (Jan 10- Prelims, Jan 11- Finals)

High School Jr Varsity Cheer teams may participate in the exhibition champion event (Jan 11). 

Jr. High/Middle School teams and High School teams are invited to the FCC Cheer Championship on Saturday, Jan 12. 

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 Cheer and Dance FAQs


TAPPS Traditional Cheer Division 1 and Division 2 includes Stunts, Jumps, Tumbling, Pyramids, Tosses, Cheer and Dance. 

TAPPS Spirit Squad Division includes fight song, chant/cheer, band dance, jumps, no tumbling, no tosses, no pyramids, no stunts.

Schools may enter 1 High School Varsity squad as a Traditional Division OR a Spirit Squad Division.  They will perform 2 times, once each day. 

Schools may enter 1 High School Jr Varsity/Second team squad as a Traditional Division OR Spirit Squad Division. They will perform 1 time on Friday.  Entry fee is $20 per person. 

CHEER Legalities are found in the NFHS Spirit Rules Book
Click HERE to order a copy of the current year Rules

For ALL Judging Inquires, Please Email our Rules & Legality Coordinator at or through our Contact Us link above. Tammy Rose will be assisting TAPPS this year with these questions.  

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