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Section 138, cont. – Coach Training

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

Schools shall abide by rules in the Constitution, by rules in the By-Laws, by rules in the Contest Rules, by rules in the TAPPS News Briefs, by regulations issued from the TAPPS office in the coaches and administrator’s sports manuals, and other official notices from the TAPPS office.  Where any term or section of the Contest Rules and/or the coaches and administrators’ sports manuals is found to be inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws, the Constitution and By-Laws shall prevail and apply and the re­maining terms and sections of the Contest Rules and/or the coaches and administrator’s sports manuals shall continue in effect.

    1. All TAPPS athletic directors and coaches (all levels of high school participation) shall complete the TAPPS SCOPE training prior to the start of their sports season annually.
    2. SCOPE Training will include:
      1. Solicitation of Students
      2. Student Eligibility
      3. Transfer Students
      4. Contest Officials
      5. Game Administration
      6. Removal from a Contest
      7. Reporting Game Scores
      8. All District / All State Selection
      9. Fan Behavior
      10. Concussion in Sports
      11. First Aid
        1. Heat Illness
      12. Sudden Cardiac Arrest
      13. Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs
      14. Blood Borne Pathogens
      15. Coach Acknowledgement of Rules 
    3. The names of all coaches who complete the SCOPE training shall be recorded in TAPPSter. Contact the TAPPS office for instructions on how to view results.
    4. It is the joint responsibility of the coach and athletic director to insure that the SCOPE and any other training are completed annually prior to the start of the individual’s high school coaching duties.
    5. Coaches with less than five (5) years experience coaching in public or private schools must complete the following through the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) beginning in the:
    6. Exceptions to Part E with approval from the TAPPS Office
      1. Coaches with more than five (5) years scholastic coaching experience in either public or private school
      2. Verifiable college courses representing the curriculum listed in Part E
      3. Verifiable attendance at TAPPS June meeting.