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Section 35 – Committee Meetings and Appeals


When it is necessary for a district executive committee, the Fine Arts Executive Committee, Athletic Executive Committee or the TAPPS Execu­tive Board, to make a determination with regard to the applicability of TAPPS rules to persons within the jurisdiction of TAPPS, including eligibility cases or alleged violations of TAPPS rules, the applicable committee shall have the option of making a decision on the matter based upon written submissions or convening an informal meeting to discuss the matter in an effort to achieve an equitable resolution.  Cases involving school district personnel shall be heard by the Fine Arts Executive Committee or the Athletic Executive Committee pursuant to the rules adopted by the TAPPS Executive Board. Final appeals shall be heard by the TAPPS Executive Board.

If a decision is made to hold an in­formal meeting (hearing), the interested parties should be given written notice of the meeting and invited to attend.  All decisions by committees shall be in writing, whether based upon a written submission or testimony at an informal meeting.

(Sections 36-39 reserved for expansion.)