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Competition by a New School

    • A participant school just admitted to TAPPS for competition shall be assigned to a classification and district, and the member schools of that district shall be notified by the Director.
    • If district schedules are already set, the district is not required to change the schedule to admit the new school, until schedules for the next year are established.
    • District schools having open dates during the district schedule or within two weeks of the beginning of the district schedule are to schedule the new school where possible.
    • If by using open dates, the new school can play all district schools as required, the new school may compete for district honors.
    • If the new school cannot play all district schools as required, it cannot be considered for district honors.
  3. DISTRICT CORRESPONDENCE. The new school is to be included in all district correspondence, meetings, etc. in order to establish relations with the member schools of the district.
  4. COMPETING FOR HONORS. If a new school cannot compete for district honors due to the schedule, the new school shall not be required to pay event fees for that activity.
  5. Due to two year contracts, it may be two years before a new school can be included in a football district.