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Section 231 – TAPPS Art Competition Information

Fine Art By-Laws
Sections 199-263


i. The TAPPS State Art Competition is a 2 day event.

ii. The competition to be divided into six classifications.

iii. The final judging of Senior Portfolios (category 15) will take place competition

iv. The participation and  judging of categories 16- On Site Drawing, 18- Seek and Sketch, 19- Seek and Sketch will take place during competition.

v. Category 20- Short Film winners will have their films shown during the competition if facilities allow.


i. The TAPPS State Art Competition will close for all adds, deletes and changes as shown on the TAPPS calendar.
ii. Once the competition has closed for all changes, adds, and deletes, schools will be able to make changes to their entries on TAPPSter.

iii. Late entries are subject to double fees, school sanctions, and the possibility of not competing.

iv.  Student substitutions ONLY (no additions) for categories 13, 15, 16 can be made until the date posted on the TAPPS website.  Substitutions for these categories will be made through our CONTACT US link.  
v. TAPPSter results during the competition will be posted as soon as they are verified.


i. It is the responsibility of the art teacher (s), school representative (s), and school to be aware of all due
dates, and adhere to them; and to understand and apply the guidelines and rules found within the art
manual. These rules can be found posted in the art section of the TAPPS website.
ii. Missed deadlines can result in double fees, sanctions, and a school not being able to compete.
iii. The art teacher and or a representative of the school must accompany students and the artwork to the
competition. He/she will be responsible for registration, bringing the school notebook, placing the
labels on the artwork, placing the artwork in the venue, picking up artwork at the end of the day, and
chaperoning students.
iv. Responsibility to familiarize and knowledge of TAPPS art rules and guidelines.
v. It’s the Teacher and or school representative responsibility to complete the SCOPE art test (found on
vi. Completing the Student eligibility form and submitting prior to competition.

i. Schools will assemble a notebook with all their documentation included. Instructions for the Notebook are posted on the Art web page.  This notebook will stay in the venue for the duration of the competition.

ii.  Schools will have all artwork verified at registration and approved to be placed in the

iii. Schools will be provided with all official TAPPSter labels at registration.

iv. Once registration is complete, schools will be able to place their work in the venue.

v.  Schools may be allowed to provide proper documentation until close of registration on the first day for all schools.  Proper documentation includes:

i.  Artwork Information Form for EVERY ENTRY which includes Model release, source info, and student and teacher signature. 

ii.  Source Photos

iii.  Talent and location releases for Short Film.  


Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

a. Technique – the use of media and tools (execution and technical skills). The student chooses and controls media and tools effectively to enhance the appearance of the work.

b. Personal Expression – the level of imagination, creativity and individuality. The expression is unique and the concept presented in a fresh way that is imaginative and inventive.

c. Organization – The use of elements and principals of art, effectively choosing those which enhance the overall appearance of the work.

d. Integration – the work integrates technique, expression, and organization through aesthetic and critical judgment to achieve an effective interpretation.

e. Judges will be provided by TAPPS.
f. Decisions of the judges will be final.

a. The OFFICIAL TAPPSter LABELS will be generated and handed out at registration to each school once their
artwork is verified.
i. Once a school has received their official TAPPSter labels they are to be affixed to the front lower right hand
corner of the mat on a 2D work of art. And for 3D works affixed to the school provided matboard and
placed next to the work.
ii. All official TAPPSter labels will be printed by TAPPS.

i. Categories 1-16 will place 1st through 8th.
ii. Two Honorable Mentions awarded in each category 1-16.
iii.There are no Ties
iv. Points awarded as follows:
a. 1st place – 10
b. 2nd place – 8
c. 3rd place – 6
d. 4th place – 5
e. 5th place – 4
f. 6th place – 3
g. 7th place – 2
h. 8th place – 1
g. HM – no points


a. TAPPS assumes no responsibility for
i. Loss
ii. Damage
iii. Or breakage of art.
iv. Those that submit breakable objects should understand that they do so at their own risk.
v. Artwork is not to be “finished” fixed or added to once it is placed in the facility for judging. Work in question will be removed from competition.
vi. All artwork left behind after the competition will be discarded.