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Section 154 – Cross Country Qualifications

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

  1. OPEN QUALIFICATION.  Cross Country is an open qualification event. Districts may organize meets as desired.
    1. There shall be one division for boys and one for girls in the respective classifications; 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A and 1A. 
    2. Boys’ teams may not compete on or against girls’ teams.
    3. Girls may not compete on a boys team.
    • Number.  A minimum of five participants and a maximum of seven participants shall constitute a team.  No Alternates may be included on a school’s entries – see “Substitutions” below. If a school enters fewer than five students, it cannot compete for the team title, but participants can compete for individual awards.
    • Substitutions.  Schools may
      • make substitutions,
      • but NOT additions on the morning of the meet,
      • up until 30 minutes before the classification’s races begin.
    • Team Score.  The place of the first five finishers on each team will count for the total team score. Ties to be broken in accordance with NFHS rules.
    • Team Limit.  A school may enter only one team of boys and one team of girls in the state meet.
    • Fee.
      • Fees are payable at the meet site on the day of competition. Do not mail fees ahead of time to the TAPPS office.
      • Schools will be charged for
        • the number of students registered on the Entry Deadline as posted on the TAPPS Official Calendar,
        • not the number actually competing on the day of the meet.
      • The entry fee is determined by TAPPS.
  4. ENTRY Procedure
    1. All Cross Country entries will be processed online through TAPPSTER.
    2. Entries must be made submitted by 11:59 PM the day of the deadline shown on the TAPPS current calendar.
    3. Schools not submitting entries by the deadline may be disqualified and shall not be allowed to participate.