Dance Coaches:

Just a reminder that Dance entries for your Varsity Team and any small ensembles is due WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8.

HIGHLIGHTS FOR OUR 2019-2020 Championship

  • Varsity Squad to compete for the Championship
    • Choose 2 dance types
      • Jazz
      • Kick
      • Pom
      • Lyrical
      • Novelty – NEW THIS YEAR
    • Entry due in TAPPSter by Jan 8.
    • Entry fee due at event $200
  • Small Ensembles for adjudication and award
    • This may include varsity dancers or junior varsity dancers.
    • Ensembles may be 2 or more dancers (duets, trio, small ensembles up to 18 dancers) 
    • Choose 1 dance type
    • Entry due in TAPPSter by Jan 8.
    • Entry fee due at event $100 per entry
  • Individual Entry
    • High Kick
    • Best Leaps
    • Best Turns
    • Top students are awarded with certificate for Kick Company, Leap Company, Turn Company
    • Top student is awarded a medal in each category
    • Entry due in TAPPSter by Jan 24
    • Entry fee due at event $25 per entry
  • Coach Compliance and Student eligibility complete in Rank One.  See your Athletic Director for more information on completion.
  • Entry in TAPPSter
    • Students Link showing students as on the Dance roster.  Click the Add New Student Button if any are missing. Enter Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Grade, Save.  Click each student on the spreadsheet list to put them on the Dance Roster in TAPPSter.
    • Entry on Entries link created with entry information for each entry including Varsity entry (due Jan 8) and Small ensemble entries (Due Jan 8). Individual entries due Jan 24.
    • Squad Photo uploaded on Entries link.
  • Meet fees will be collected at the event.  Fees forms will generate in TAPPSter after the entry deadline, once entries are registered.
Check out the TAPPS Dance page for more information.
If you have any questions, please email at info@localhost or through our Contact Us on our website.
Thank you to University High School Dance team for hosting us!
you to American Dance/Drill Team for partnering with us!