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District Reassignment by Agreement

  1. A school may appeal assignment to a district
    • If within one month after the district assignment is published, a school that is not satisfied with its assignment must
      • obtain the unanimous written approval by the superinten­dents of the schools in the district to which it was assigned
      • and of the schools in the district to which it wants to be assigned, and the contiguous relationship of all of the schools involved is not disturbed by the proposed reassign­ment,
      • the school is entitled to be reassigned as it proposed.
      • The school shall promptly inform the Director of the proposed reassignment, furnishing the supporting statements.
      • If the Director finds that the school is entitled to be reassigned, the Director shall reassign the school as it proposed and shall notify all the other schools and school districts concerned of the district reassignment.
    • Final approval of all district assignment rests with the TAPPS Executive Board.