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Section 138, cont. – Districts and Classifications

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

Schools shall abide by rules in the Constitution, by rules in the By-Laws, by rules in the Contest Rules, by rules in the TAPPS News Briefs, by regulations issued from the TAPPS office in the coaches and administrator’s sports manuals, and other official notices from the TAPPS office.  Where any term or section of the Contest Rules and/or the coaches and administrators’ sports manuals is found to be inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws, the Constitution and By-Laws shall prevail and apply and the re­maining terms and sections of the Contest Rules and/or the coaches and administrator’s sports manuals shall continue in effect.

    1. Classifications.  Schools are placed in classifications according to enrollment figures.
    2. District Assignments.

Schools will be assigned to districts by the TAPPS Executive Board.  District assignments and a list of tentative chairs will be mailed out to participant schools prior to the season.  The district shall select a permanent president and notify the TAPPS office.  However, the superintendent, principal, or coach in each school competing under this plan, is ultimately responsible for ascertaining the name of the district president, time of meeting, etc.  If the president moves from a member school, each school in the district has a responsibility to see that a new president is elected and to notify the TAPPS office.