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DQ Meal Deal

Dear TAPPS Members Schools

On behalf of Dairy Queen of Tyler, we would like to offer you all some great deals on the upcoming Dairy Queen Spike Down Classic. Any coaches wanting to participate in this offer are asked to contact Julie Johnson at 903-752-3187.

The deals are as follows:

4pc. Steak Basket, 4 oz gravy, toast, chips & bottled water for $6.00

4pc. Chick’n Strip Basket, 4 oz gravy, toast, chips & bottled water for $6.00

Grilled Chick’n Sandwich, chips & bottled water for $6.00

Hungr-Buster with or without cheese, chips & bottled water for $6.00 (condiments included on the side for each burger)

These deals would be for you and your players so they would have a meal for $6.00 delivered to them during the tournament. Not only are your team members getting a $6.00 meal deal, all tickets sold for the event will be allowed to be redeemed in store for 10% off the entire purchase for anyone attending the tournament i.e. family, friends, spouses, etc. The tickets are redeemable at the following 15 locations:

Forney DQ     Gentry DQ     Chapel Hill DQ     Chandler DQ     Loop & Paluxy DQ     Lindale DQ     5th Street DQ

Noonday DQ     Gresham DQ     Van DQ     Canton DQ     HWY 271 DQ     Whitehouse DQ     I-20 DQ     Broadway DQ

For ease of payments, we will charge the schools and send an invoice so payment upon delivery would not be necessary. Please get in contact with Julie Johnson at least 24 hours in advance if you would like to participate in this amazing deal for August 10-12, 2017. Thank you all for your participation in the Dairy Queen Spike Down Classic.


Kassie Lopez