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Drumline / Fall Band 2017 FAQs

When?  Monday, October 23, 2017

What time?  Registration begins at 8:30.  We anticipate a 9am to 5pm day.  We will have a rolling schedule, ex.  MS/HS drumlines will begin at 9am.  All squads in that division need to report and be ready to play at 9am.  Squads will perform one after another.  Tier 3 will begin after MS/HS but no earlier than 10am.  A more precise schedule will be posted soon. 

Cost?  Your first group was paid for with your TAPPS Member contract, which was due September 1.  Additional groups cost $100 payable at the event.  You can find a Fee form in the Meet Link> Drumline Event> Meet Fee Form> View and Print. 

Where? Midway ISD, Panther Stadium 800 Hewitt Dr — Hewitt, Texas 76643

Food?  Midway ISD will allow you to bring food into the stadium and food trucks will be on site.  You will be responsible for taking care of your own trash. 

Will there be awards?  

Drumlines will compete within each tier for rank.  We will have plaques for 1st -4th place.  We will also award Best Tenor, Best Snare, Best Bass, Best Cymbal, Best Front Ensemble for each tier.

Marching Bands and Field bands will perform for rating only and receive a plaque for 1st division rating. 

When is the awards ceremony? After each tier performs, we will have an awards ceremony before proceeding to the next tier. 

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