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Drumline Information

Greetings TAPPS Drumline Directors,

Welcome back to school and to TAPPS Music! We have a few changes this year that we will all need to familiarize ourselves with in order to have successful music events. Please read through the information in this letter as well as any additional referenced materials. If you have any questions you may email me or one of our Drum Line Committee members.

The TAPPS Drum Line Championship scheduled for MONDAY, OCTOBER 12 will be hosted at Gupton Stadium (Leander ISD). Please check the list below to make sure your school is listed for participation.

A change from last year: Schools will be ranked based on squad size this year rather than school Classification. There will be an Exhibition category (for comment only) that allows for 6th and 7th grade students to participate. Please refer to the Manual regarding the event levels of participation.

Tuesday, September 29 is the deadline for SCOPE Testing to be complete, Eligibility Form Submitted, and Entry information entered in TAPPSter (Roster and Photo). When you enter your entry in TAPPSter, you will choose a Tier based on the number of students in your squad, select your students, and highlight their section.

Check out the Drum Line page on for all the detiails you need to participate.

Drum Line Committee
Jeff Shelton
Tyler, Grace Community School

Robert Carlin
Houston, St. Pius X High School

Luis Arizpe
Geneva School of Boerne

Jeremy Louden
Houston, Lutheran South Academy

Paul Martin
Ft. Worth, Lake Country Christian School

I look forward to our second year with TAPPS Drum Lines. Do not hesitate to email with questions.