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Section 20 – Duties of the Executive Board


1. The executive management, control and final authority of this association belong to the TAPPS Executive Board.

2. Composition

     a. Nine (9) Members as denoted in Article III of the TAPPS Constitution

     b. The Board members shall occupy one of the nine (9) places

     c. Members elected to the board shall be subject to reelection as noted in the following:

          i. Nominations for the odd numbered places shall be accepted and voted upon at the March board meeting each odd numbered year.

          ii. Nominations for the even numbered places shall be accepted and voted upon at the March board meeting each even numbered year.

          iii. In the event a board member cannot finish the elected term, the place shall be filled in accordance with the selection criteria listed herein.

3. Requirements

     a. Full time employee of a TAPPS member school

     b. Active in the administration, athletic or fine art endeavors of the member school

     c. New Members must have served TAPPS as active member of one of the leadership committees which include

          i. Leadership Advisory Council

          ii. Athletic Executive Committee

          iii. Fine Art Executive Committee

4. Selection

     a. Members shall be nominated for open positions on the Executive Board

     b. Nominees must be presently serving or have served on one of the committees.

     c. Self-nominations shall be accepted

     d. Nomination shall include

          i. Submission of letter of interest

          ii. Submission of resume

     e. Members of the TAPPS Executive Board shall make final selection based on nominations submitted

5. Term

     a. Board members shall be elected at the March board meeting

     b. Board member term shall begin with the June board meeting of the election year

     c. Board member term shall end with the June meeting two years after election

     d. There is no limit to the number of terms to which a board member can elected

6. Duties

     a. Fulfill the obligations as required by the TAPPS Constitution and By-Laws.

     b. Establish such guidelines, regulations, policies and procedures as authorized by the TAPPS Constitution and By-Laws

     c. Establish and levy annual dues and fees.

     d. Oversight of the financial operations of the organization

     e. Develop and establish the organization’s annual budget

     f. Employ an Executive Director and staff as necessary to oversee and direct the daily operations of the associations

     g. Oversee the membership of the organization including:

          i. Interview / acceptance of new schools

          ii. Annual review of member school contracts

          iii. Review of member relations and conduct

     h. Approve and insure events are conducted in accordance with established TAPPS rules, protocols and design.

7. Authority

     a. The TAPPS Executive Board is the full and final authority of the organization

     b. Assign responsibility for operation of the organization to

          i. Athletic Executive Committee

          ii. Fine Art Executive Committee

          iii. Ad hoc committees as established by the Executive Board

          iv. TAPPS staff

     c. The board has the authority to

          i. Initiate and require investigation

          ii. Impose penalty and sanctions

          iii. Hear appeal of previous decisions