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Section 105 – Eligibility Forms


  1. Eligibility Forms developed in TAPPSter are due each year to the district chairman and must be submitted to the TAPPS Office PRIOR to  interscholastic competition in each
    1. Sport, including
      1. Tournaments or meets hosted by schools
      2. Tournaments or meets hosted for high school participation
    2. Fine Arts competition.
  2. Once a student has been reported, and all required information is given, any other eligibility form for that particular student includes only the student’s name, PR (previously reported) and the name of the activity in which all information was reported.
  3. Schools should list all high school students participating in the activity (both varsity and sub-varsity) should be listed.
  4. Separate forms should be submitted for boys and girls sports. For co-ed activities, a separate list is not necessary.
  5. For students who may be added for participation after the initial eligibility report has been filed:
    1. Add the activity on the STUDENT PROFILE in TAPPSTER
    2. Save the profile
    3. The Eligibility Form will be automatically updated to reflect the addition.