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Section 102 – Eligibility of Foreign Students


For the purpose of establishing a student’s eligibility to participate in TAPPS sponsored activities, any student who is not a citizen of the United States must be approved by the process defined in Section 102 of the TAPPS By-Laws prior to participation. The student’s eligibility will not begin until Board approval. Schools should forward application and information to the TAPPS office when student’s first attend the school in order to begin the approval process.  The one year period of ineligibility for varsity competition begins when TAPPS receives information and approves a student, and not the date of first attendance at the school.

A. Foreign Students must meet the following guidelines to be considered for eligibility at TAPPS member schools:

  1. Has produced a copy of a valid visa.
  2. Has not received advanced training (defined as training which is above and beyond that which is normally provided in TAPPS schools) in the germane activity, such as pre-Olympic training, being nationally ranked or having similar status in a sport (home country or United States, or participation on a national team.
  3. Has met the eligibility requirements as outlined in Article V of the TAPPS Constitution.
  4. Has not graduated from high school or other school of equal or higher statue.
  5. Initially enrolled in the ninth grade not more than four (4) years ago or tenth grade not more than three years ago.
  6. Is a full time, day student at the certified member school.
  7. A $30 fee will be charged for each submission.

B. Foreign Students are ineligible if they have been induced for athletic purposes to come to or remain at a member school. Inducement includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Offer or acceptance of the payment of tuition;
  2. Offer or acceptance of board;
  3. Offer or acceptance of lodging;
  4. Offer or acceptance of transportation;
  5. Offer or acceptance of a job for parent(s) or student;
  6. Offer or acceptance of the payment of athletic fees;
  7. Offer or acceptance of the payment of athletic camp registration and fees.
  8. Payment of cash;
  9. Promise of a University or College scholarship;
  10. Reduction of entry requirements of member school;
  11. Use of outside agents or agencies that are connected (i.e. school, parents or school personnel employed by agent or agency) to enrolling school to locate students, pay tuition, payment of athletic fees, provide or arrange board, lodging and/ or transportation; and
  12. Any other valuable consideration.


  1. Foreign Exchange Students are students who are certified through a Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) United States Foreign Exchange Program.
  2. Students may qualify as Foreign Exchange Student only one year during their academic career for eligibility purposes.  This includes attendance at TAPPS member schools and nonmember schools.
  3. Students are eligible for one year, provided they are enrolled at and attend a certified member school.
  4. They are under the age of 19 prior to September 1 of the current school year.
  5. They may not have graduated in their own country.

D. FOREIGN RESIDENT STUDENTS residing with family members

All Foreign Students must be approved by TAPPS prior to participation in TAPPS activities.

  1. Students who reside with a family member must apply and be approved prior to    competition.
    1. For TAPPS eligibility purposes, the term family members includes Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, Brothers and Sisters.
    2. Cousins and other family members do not qualify as family members for TAPPS eligibility purposes.
    3. If a court has appointed guardianship of the minor to a guardian(s), the guardian shall be considered as parent and eligibility shall begin with approval by TAPPS.
    4. A Power of Attorney or Notarized Statement of Guardianship does not change the status of the guardian to family member.
    5. Upon approval of the Foreign Student Committee, students residing with a family member may be granted immediate VARSITY eligibility without having to sit out a year.
    6. If at any time the student ceases to reside with a family member and resides with a guardian who is not a family member as described above, the student’s varsity eligibility status is suspended until approval is  granted by the Foreign Student Committee.
    7. If a change in guardianship occurs, a Change in Guardianship form must be submitted to the TAPPS office for review and approval. The student will not be eligible for varsity participation until such approval is made.


Foreign Students who are enrolled and attend a boarding school are under the same guidelines as Citizen Students, provided the boarding school at which they are enrolled and attending is a certified member school.

  1. Boarding Schools are schools that have been identified by the TAPPS Board as being a boarding school.
  2. Boarding Schools must apply to the TAPPS Executive Board to be identified as such.


Foreign Students who live in the United States with someone other than immediate family members (The Host family and the Guardian must be the same person) are ineligible to participate in VARSITY athletic competition for one calendar year from the first day of attendance at the certified member high school.  After completing this one year of ineligibility, the foreign student is eligible for VARSITY competition, provided they are enrolled at and attend a member school that has been certified by the TAPPS Executive Board.

  1.  Foreign/International Students who attend a member school’s elementary/junior high school for one or more years are eligible for varsity sports upon entering high school once approved by the Foreign Student Committee.
  2.  A foreign/international student who attends a school in the United States for one or more years and then transfers to a TAPPS school, is ineligible at the new school for varsity competition for one calendar year.
  3. A foreign/international student who attends one TAPPS school and transfers to another TAPPS school is ineligible for varsity sports for one year at the new school.
  4. A Previous Athletic Participation Form is required on all students in accordance with Section 104 of the TAPPPS By-Laws.
  5. If a change in guardianship occurs, a Change in Guardianship form must be submitted to the TAPPS office for review and approval. The student will not be eligible for varsity participation until such approval is made.

G. Schools enrolling Foreign Students should review the information posted on the TAPPS website.