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Section 255 – Evaluation/Penalties

Fine Art By-Laws
Sections 199-263

    1. The judge’s or panel’s decision is final and not subject to protest
    2. Any disqualification shall be made by the contest manager in accordance with TAPPS rules and criteria. The judge or panel shall not disqualify any performance.
    3. Questions regarding any possible violation of rules should be brought to the contest manager (or TAPPS officials if the contest manager is unavailable at the moment). Directors, the administrator who signed the Play Submission Form and TAPPS officials are the only persons who may lodge an inquiry into violations to the contest manager.
      1. All performances shall receive an evaluation
      2. The TAPPS OAP Evaluation Form shall be used
  • The Evaluation shall consist of
    1. ACTING (60%)
      1. Characterization
      2. Physicality
      3. Vocal Elements
      4. Ensemble
      5. Timing
      6. Performance Effectiveness
      1. Staging and business
      2. Story Elements
      3. Theme Style
      4. Ground Plan, set and properties
      5. Costume and Makeup
      6. Lighting
      7. Music
    3. RANKING
      1. All performances shall be ranked by the judge
      2. Final rankings shall be determined by the contest manager in the event of disqualification or reduction in rank.
    1. Failure to compete after submitting entry may result in all or some of the following penalties:
      1. PUBLIC REPRIMAND – School.
      2. PUBLIC REPRIMAND – Director.
  • School ineligible for TAPPS competition for a period of not less than one year.
  1. School fine as determined by the Fine Arts Executive Committee.
  1. Disqualification and PUBLIC REPRIMAND
    1. Failure to abide by publisher requirements and licensure
    2. Eligibility
      1. Ineligible student participation
      2. Too many participants
  1. Failure to comply with content, theme, subject matter, portrayal or design restrictions
    1. Profanity
    2. Nudity
    3. Other
  2. Failure to comply with prop restrictions
    1. Use of unapproved objects
    2. Damage to Facility
    3. Damage to UNIT SET
    4. Injury to participants, cast, crew audience
  3. Performance Restrictions
    1. Director/Assistant Director Assistance
      1. Improper Assistance
      2. Prompting
  1. Disqualification
    1. Time
      1. Exceeding Setup Time
      2. Not achieving Minimum Time
      3. Exceeding Maximum Time
      4. Exceeding Strike Time
      5. Exceeding Rehearsal Time
  1. Reduction in Rank
    1. Failure to adhere to load in and pick up times
    2. Inappropriate actions
      1. Cast
      2. Crew
      3. Director
      4. Fans