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FAQ: Tennis Districts

1. Districts should meet on questions and answers regarding their district play such as:
How are top (# of qualifiers) determined through tournament play.
The bracket play to get to final (# of qualifiers)
Example of district with 8 qualifiers:

Losers in round of 8 play in a bracket to determine 5-8 places

Winners in round of 8 play in bracket to determine 1-4 places

2. What format of play? 8 game pro set, 2/3 sets, etc.
Determined by agreement of the district coaches – one would assume best 2 of 3 for placing games

3. Single elimination?
Determined by agreement of district coaches – playback is an option

4. Can matches be same day, girls and boys different locations?
Determined by agreement of the district coaches

5. How and when is this info communicated to everyone
Prior to all activities, districts should hold a district planning meeting to determine format and parameters

6. In the instance of rain?
Have a make up date scheduled prior to district certification. (April 1st)

7. Fair Effort Rule
In a district where 6 qualifiers go to state, place 7th/8th need to play it out in case an alternate needed to fill a qualifying position. A plan should be in place in case of an emergency or if athlete is unable to advance, therefore next best player should be noted.

8. Do I need USTA Rules Judge?
A USTA rules judge should be appointed prior to the day of the tennis meet.