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Section 199 – Fine Arts Codes

Fine Art By-Laws
Sections 199-263

The Student Participation Code and the Adult Coach/Sponsor Code carries the force of rule.  Member schools violating any of the provisions of these codes will be subject to penalty.

  1. ACADEMIC, ART, AND MUSIC PARTICIPATION CODE. The general Participation Code requires that one:
    • Observe all rules, both in letter and intent;
    • Coach without resorting to unethical tactics, trickery that attempts to skirt the rules, or any use unfair tactic, which detracts from sound educational principles;
    • Accept decisions of officials without protest, and without questioning their honesty or integrity, and extend protection and courtesy to contest officials;
    • Win without boast and lose without bitterness;
    • Not provide inducement for academic, art or music purposes.  Inducement means to encourage a student to change schools for the purpose of participating in TAPPS activities by offering the student or the student’s parent/guardian cash, waiver of tuition, board or lodging, transportation, a job, or other valuable consideration to induce the student to enroll in a participant school.
    • SUNDAY PARTICIPATION.  TAPPS member schools shall not sponsor nor shall students compete in TAPPS contests on Sunday.  Exceptions: TAPPS district and state competitions may be held on Sunday due to unavoidable circumstances which cause hardship to participating schools, provided they are approved by all of the following:
      • TAPPS director,
      • A majority of administrators involved,
      • The meet director, and
      • The host school.
  2. COACH/SPONSOR CODE. This code includes the principles described in Section 199 and the purposes listed in Section 198.  Further, the code requires that the coach/sponsor:
    • Be aware of, understand, and follow all rules governing the competition for which the coach/sponsor is responsible;
    • Treat contestants fairly and professionally for the general welfare of the student based on what is best for the general welfare of the student;
    • Respect other coaches/sponsors;
    • Adhere to policies that do not force students to specialize or restrict them from participation in other activities;
    • Allow students to participate in one school activity without requiring, as a prerequisite, participation in another school or non-school activity;
    • Abstain from any practice that makes a student feel pressured to participate in non-school activities.
    • Utilize the best and most current teaching and coaching methods through affiliation with professional associations and publications;
    • Abstain from any practice that solicits teachers to modify a participant student’s grade for eligibility purposes.
  3. Those actions shown in Section 138 – Prohibited Activities apply to fine art competitions.
  4. CONFIDENTIALITY CODE. Coaches, contest directors and contestants are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of contest materials.  Transfer of information contained in the materials will be considered a violation of the Academic, Art and Music Meet Code and subject to penalties up to and including disqualification.