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Section 82 – Full-Time Day Student


A person is considered a full-time day student if that person:

  1. is enrolled in a participant school for which the current year’s TAPPS membership dues and event fees.
  2. is enrolled in at least four aca­demic classes,
    • which meet at least 200 minutes per week and 175 days per year
    • or equivalent as approved by the TAPPS Executive Board
  3. is attending the required classes
    • on the campus of the participant school.
    • Enrollment in an online school program or similar course offering does not satisfy the TAPPS requirements for being a Full Time Day Student.
  4. Dual Credit courses not administered or attended on the TAPPS member school campus do not count toward the four core classes necessary to be considered a TAPPS Full Time Day Student.
  5. is in compliance with written transfer and admission and attendance policies of the member school.
  6. full time student at a TAPPS member school may not participate in activities sanctioned by TAPPS on
    1. A sports team at another school
    2. A homeschool sports team
    3. Any other such group organized for interscholastic competition.