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Appeal of District Alignment

The district assignments for 2016-2018 as posted are tentative; that is, subject to change upon appeal by individual schools and review by the TAPPS Executive Board.

Do not organize the district or set the district schedule until the district assignments are finalized by the Executive Board. Any changes in district assignment will be made by the Executive Board and the official district assignments will be posted by December 15. At that time a temporary district president will be indicated and the districts should meet to organize, set schedules, etc.

If you would like for your school to change from one district to another, complete the appeal form; obtain a majority vote from the district you will be leaving and a unanimous vote from the district you would like to join, then submit the completed Appeal Form to the TAPPS office.

Districts are set by vote of the Executive Board and can only be changed by vote of the Executive Board. Any complaints, concerns or suggestions must be made in writing and sent to the TAPPS office to be forwarded to the Executive Board. Do not call the TAPPS office or individual Executive Board Members. Individual members or the TAPPS Director cannot change the assignments. On the other hand, a written statement, along with a properly submitted appeal will be considered by all members of the Board.

Click HERE for the appeal form.