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Section 11 – Event Passes


  1. The number of events passes each school receives will be determined by the Executive Board. 
  2.  The card will admit card holder, spouse and minor children in their company.  
  3. Passes issued from the following professional organizations will be honored for the cardholder only:
    1. TASO
    2. THSBOA
    3. THSADA
    4. THSCA
    5. TGCA
    6. TABC
    7. TSMCA
    8. CCAT
    9. TTFCA
    10. TTCA
    11. TISCA
    12. TETA
    13. TAVC
    14. THSBCA
    15. TSMCA 
  4. These passes will be good for any TAPPS contest; including regular season, district, post district and tournaments.
  5. All TAPPS schools are required to honor the Official TAPPS Pass.
  6. Schools failing to honor a TAPPS Pass will be subject to sanctions by the TAPPS Executive Board.
  7. The coach of a team at a championship event will not need a pass; the coach’s spouse may use the coach’s pass for admittance.
  8. Students or minor children may not present the TAPPS Pass for admittance without the adult holder present.
  9. Lost passes will not be replaced by the TAPPS office.
  10. Additional passes may be purchased for $350.00 each.