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Section 12 – Legal Action


  1. In the event that any civil judicial action, including a TRO or Temporary Injunction, is brought against TAPPS, the Executive Board, the Fine Arts Executive Committee, the Athletic Executive Committee, any District Committee, any ad hoc or other Committees of the organization, any officer or member of such Boards or Committees, or a TAPPS Member School, for any decision, interpretation, implementation, execution or enforcement of the provisions of the TAPPS Constitution and/or By-Laws, the following actions may be taken:
    • stripping awards from teams and/or individual;
    • probation of the individual student seeking judicial action and/or the TAPPS member school he/she attends;
    • Disqualification from participation for the individual student and/or the full team seeking judicial relief for a full year from the conclusion of the legal action;
  2. If a lawsuit or judicial action as described in 1 above is filed by a TAPPS Member School, its employee, representative, volunteer, student, or parent or guardian of a student, TAPPS and all of its related representatives and parties shall be reimbursed for any and all expenses and fees in connection with the investigation, defense and resolution of said action.
  3. Written notice shall be provided for the payment of all expenses and fees incurred as described in 2 above to the party who brought the action. If, within 90 days after receiving said notice, the expenses and fees remain unpaid, the TAPPS Executive Board shall suspend from participation in all TAPPS activities the student(s) and/or TAPPS Member School for a period of one to three years.

(Section 13-15 reserved for expansion)