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Section 138, cont. – Guarantees

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

Schools shall abide by rules in the Constitution, by rules in the By-Laws, by rules in the Contest Rules, by rules in the TAPPS News Briefs, by regulations issued from the TAPPS office in the coaches and administrator’s sports manuals, and other official notices from the TAPPS office.  Where any term or section of the Contest Rules and/or the coaches and administrators’ sports manuals is found to be inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws, the Constitution and By-Laws shall prevail and apply and the re­maining terms and sections of the Contest Rules and/or the coaches and administrator’s sports manuals shall continue in effect.

    • Football.  In district and non-district football games, the home team shall keep 100% of the gate receipts after payment of game officials as stated in the game contract unless other­wise mutually agreed upon by both schools.
    • Other Team Sports.  In district and non-district games/matches unless there is mutual agreement or district executive committee ruling, the home team is entitled to 100% of the gate receipts.
    • Playoffs.
      • In playoff games, at a neutral site,
        1. expenses are to be paid from the gate receipts, as well as sharing any profit or loss from the game, and
        2. must be agreed upon prior to the game by both schools involved.
        3. This agreement should be in writing and signed by both school representatives.
      • In playoff contests,
        1. if the schools cannot agree on the officials
        2. and the chapter is determined by
          • coin toss (or similar manner)
          • or assigned by TAPPS,
        3. both schools are equally responsible for the payment of the officials before any other expenses are deducted from the gate.
    • Expenses.  Expenses must be mutually agreed upon by the participants.