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December 13, 2016

The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) has entered into partnership with USA Football and their Heads Up Football program.  After review of the program and the importance of student safety, the Executive Board determined that all TAPPS football coaches shall be heads up certified. To assist in this effort, TAPPS, USA Football and Children’s Health Andrews Institute will conduct training sessions this January.  Additional registration information will be forwarded and posted on the TAPPS website. The TAPPS / USAFB agreement in principle is as follows.

TAPPS supports Heads Up Football as a comprehensive education and training program designed to make the sport better and safer for youth and high school football players. TAPPS stands with USAFB on the following principles:

  1. Player safety is of paramount importance in all sports, including football.
  2. Every head and assistant football coach should be certified before stepping onto a youth or high school football field.
  3. Every youth and high school football administrator, commissioner, coach, game official, parent and player should be taught to recognize the signs and symptoms of concussion, cardiac arrest and heat illness and how to respond.
  4. Every football player should be taught tackling and blocking fundamentals, emphasizing the need to keep the head up and reduce helmet contact for safer play.
  5. Every football coach, parent and player should know how to properly fit a helmet and shoulder pads.

TAPPS understands each school will be required to enroll in Heads Up Football and execute the Coach Training Agreement.

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