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Lincoln-Douglas Debate Information

The LD Debate contest will take place on April 4-5, 2016, in Waco as part of the TAPPS State Academic Meet.

Topic: In the United States, wealth inequality is detrimental to democratic ideals.

Judge Requirements: Schools that enter debaters should provide one judge for two debaters or two judges for three debaters. You may buy out of one obligation at $150. However, every school MUST provide at least one judge.

Schedule and Venues:
Day 1: Rounds to be held at Live Oak Classical School (420 S. 5th Street), Waco Marriott, and Waco Hilton. Check-in and Tab room at Live Oak.
4 p.m. Round 1
5:30 p.m. Round 2
7 p.m. Round 3
9 p.m. Round 4
We will endeavor to make sure students do not have to travel back and forth to the different venues. Our hope is students may switch locations no more than once. MOST debaters will be at Live Oak.

Day 2: All rounds will be held at Waco Marriott, Waco Hilton, and the Waco Convention Center.
12 p.m. Octofinals—double-flighted
2 p.m. Quarterfinals—single-flighted
3:30 p.m. Semifinals
4:30 p.m. Finals

Students competing in LD Debate should NOT enter the following events: Duet Acting, Poetry, Social Studies, Literary Criticism, TAPPS Math, Advanced Math, or Spanish. Arrangements will be made to allow students to compete in elimination rounds of debate and other speaking events. Please alert the debate tab room to possible conflicts at check-in.

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