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Section 10 – Membership and Right to Participate


Each school is re­sponsible for having READ and COM­PLIED with the Constitution, By-Laws and Academic, Art, Athletic and Fine Art plans.  TAPPS requires all member schools to give each administrator and coach the proper information concerning the parti­cular contest or event and that each school is in compliance with all TAPPS rules and regulations.  Each of the following are specific requirements.

  1. Return the annual contract and certificate of accreditation by the specified date; and
  2. Pay all dues and fees in full by the specified date; and
  1. fill out and file the proper eligibility form for each sport and send copies to the District President and TAPPS State office by the specified date; and
  2. Complete all transfer require­ments as set by the TAPPS Con­stitution, Article V, Item 7 (See By-Laws – Transfer Rule, Section 104); and
  3. Complete the membership contract and return within the yearly assessment by September 1 of the current year; and
  4. Complete and mail in by the designated deadline all season reports required; and
  5. Require a school representative to attend any meeting designated “mandatory” by the TAPPS Executive Board; and
  6. Comply with the “letter and spirit of the rules and regu­lations” of the TAPPS Constitu­tion, By-Laws, Athletic, Aca­demic, Art and Fine Art plans; and
  1. Respond to all requests made by the TAPPS Executive Board and TAPPS State office by the deadline indicated in the correspondence or on the Official TAPPS calendar; (example of list not limited to: Referendum votes, annual contract, directory information, enrollment forms, surveys, questionnaires; and
  2. Make provisions for liability and medical insurance on all coaches and players for all TAPPS events.
  3. The member school must provide the name of the insurance carrier in item #10 when submitting their annual contract.
  4. RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE. A member school’s right to continue to par­ticipate in TAPPS contests may be continued by the school’s timely payment of its annual dues and of the school’s events fee.
    • A member school shall maintain the accreditation of the school.
    • Accreditation must be with one of the following agencies approved by TEA:
      • National Christian Schools   Association
      • Independent Schools Association of the Southwest
      • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
      • Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools
      • Lutheran Schools Accreditation Commission
      • Accreditation Commission of the Texas Association of Christian Schools International
      • Texas Catholic Conference Education Department
      • International Christian Accrediting Association
      • Texas Seventh Day Adventist School System
      • Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools
      • Association of Christian Teachers and Schools
      • Accreditation Commission of the Texas Association of Baptist Schools
      • Texas Education Agency  See the website for more information 
    • If a school is not accredited, the school must submit a written statement regarding the school’s academic plan and reason for lack of accreditation. Documentation may be requested by the TAPPS Director or Executive Board to confirm the school’s commitment to student success and achievement of educational goals.
    • The accreditation of each TAPPS school is subject to review by the TAPPS Executive Board.
  6.  FEES. No school will be allowed to participate in any event on the district level if they have not paid their events fees for that event to the State Office.  A dis­trict allowing ineligible schools to participate could forfeit their playoff position in that contest or event.