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A member school in good standing is defined as a private or parochial school as described in Article III of the TAPPS Constitution which has:

  1. returned its annual contract and paid its annual dues and fees by the deadline indicated on the current TAPPS calendar (September 1);
  2. has met deadlines in submitting required forms and reports to district and state offices;
  3. has met obligations in regard to competition in scheduled contests;
  4. has followed the rules and guidelines of the TAPPS Constitution and By-Laws;
  5. has not been involved with litigation against TAPPS with­in the past five (5) years; and
  6. has been approved by an annual majority vote of the TAPPS Executive Board.
  7. Maintain the minimum number of events required by membership as outlined in Section 6 of the TAPPS By-Laws.
  8. The first two years a school is a member of the organization, shall be considered a probationary time during which the school’s membership may be subject to review and termination with or without cause.


If a school voluntarily withdraws membership in TAPPS, the school must wait three realignment cycles before application for reinstatement in TAPPS.