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Section 45 – Official Interpretations of Rules




  1. APPLICATION TO TAPPS EXECUTIVE BOARD. Anyone may request through the TAPPS State Office that the TAPPS Executive Board issue an Official Interpretation of a TAPPS rule.
  2. BINDING EFFECT OF OFFICIAL INTERPRETATION. The Official Interpret­ation of any of these rules by the TAPPS Executive Board shall be the final, authoritative explanation of the rules so interpreted; no other interpretation by any person is binding on TAPPS.
  3. RELIANCE ON OTHER INTERPRETATIONS. Anyone relying on an interpretation other than the TAPPS Executive Board, except as provided for under Section 46, below, regarding official TAPPS staff interpretations, risks the consequences, including the imposition of penalties.
  4. CONTENTS. The TAPPS Executive Board in determining its Official Interpretations of the rules of TAPPS shall state clearly and concisely:
    • the language of the interpretation; and
    • any consequent instructions to the Director for his subsequent execution or administration of actions on the Board’s behalf including the publication of brief summaries of the Official Interpretations in the TAPPS News briefs and in the TAPPS Constitution, By-Laws and Contest Rules.