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Section 46 – Official Staff Interpretations


  1. AUTHORIZED INTERPRETATIONS. Those staff members of TAPPS who are authorized by the Director may issue written staff interpretations of general applicability that con­stitute binding actions of TAPPS so long as the conditions set out below have been fulfilled in advance.
  2. CONDITIONS FOR ISSUANCE. If a person requests a staff ­interpretation in writing, and accompanies the request with an application for an Official Interpretation by the TAPPS Executive Board, then the staff member may issue a written statement of general applicability that implements, interprets, or prescribes TAPPS policy or procedure or practice requirements.  This statement shall be referred to as a staff interpretation.
  3. EFFECT OF STAFF INTERPRETATION. The statement issued to the appli­cant may be relied upon until the TAPPS Executive Board issues its order on the application.
  4. NO ORAL REQUESTS ACCEPTED. No oral requests for staff interpretation will be accepted.
  5. NO ORAL OR WRITTEN OPINIONS BINDING. No oral or written opinions will be considered staff interpret­ations and they will not be considered binding on TAPPS.  Persons relying upon oral or written opinions do so at their own risk.