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Section 31 – Probation and Sanctions


  1. A school that returns its membership contract but fails to submit the contract by September 1 of the current year, or the completed enrollment form by the published due date, is considered late and will result in the following Executive Board actions.
  2. Failure to comply with any part(s) of Section 10 “Membership and Right to Participate” may result in the member school being placed on probation. Failure to correct the situation and demonstrate positive membership in the state organization will lead to:
    • The school’s being able to participate on the district level, but not the play-offs.
    • Ultimately a year (or more) suspension from membership in TAPPS may be handed down by the Executive Board.
    • Schools leaving TAPPS while on probation will serve that probation upon re-admittance to TAPPS.
  3. TAPPS member schools eligible for participation in state athletic play-offs or state fine arts competition, but refuse to participate in the play-offs, will be sanctioned.
    • No member of that team will be considered for all state recognition.
    • Schools must submit in writing a detailed explanation for nonparticipation.
    • The member school will be assessed a fee of not less than $100, which must be received by the TAPPS office prior to the school participating in any other TAPPS sponsored event (District, Regional, or State).                                                                                                            Exception: See Section 141.A.13 for the exception to this rule.
  4. Probation – either the District Executive Committee or the TAPPS Executive Board may place a member school, employee(s) of the school, or specific program of the member school on probation for a given period of time in order to examine and evaluate if the subject on probation is in compliance with the TAPPS Constitution, By-Laws and/or Contest Rules. The District Executive Committee may place schools on probation for up to one year. The Executive Board may place schools on probation for up to three years, followed by reevaluation.

(Sections 32-34 reserved for expansion.)