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Section 130 – Purpose of High School Athletics

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

Chapter 3


Subchapter A


NOTE: Rules that list the sport or sports to which they apply shall apply only to the sport(s) listed.

            The purposes of the athletic program for the participant schools are:

  1. to assist, advise and aid the private and parochial schools in organizing and conducting interscho­ol athletics;
  2. to devise and prepare eligibility rules that will equalize and stim­ulate wholesome competition between schools of similar size, and reinforce the curriculum;
  3. to regulate competition so that students, schools, and their fans can secure the great­est educational, social, recreational and aesthetic benefits from the contests;
  4. to reinforce the concept to all participant schools that athletics is an integral part of the educational program;
  5. to preserve the game for the overall benefit of the contes­tant and not sacrifice the contestant to the game;
  6. to promote the spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play in all contests;
  7. to promote among the players, schools and fans a spirit of friendly rivalry and a respect for the rules; and
  8. to forward the concept of accepting decisions of sports officials without protest and treating officials as co-part­ners in the educational process of competition.