Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year, we hope everyone is having a great summer.

Excitement was high at the June Convention as we announced our new database will be Rank One Sport. In preparation for moving from TAPPSter to Rank One, please carefully review the following information. All Head Administrator/Principal and Athletic Director contact information needs to be correct in TAPPSter as that is how we will communicate until all schools have a Rank One account.

Beginning next week, all TAPPS schools who have not previously done so, need to contact Rank One Sport at [email protected] to set up and access/activate your account. The Rank One team will be hosting Regional On-Site Training Sessions that Athletic Directors or representatives may attend. Those will be:
August 1 – San Antonio – 2 sessions available (10am and 1pm) location TBD
August 5 – Houston – 2 sessions available (10am and 1pm) location TBD
August 7 – DFW – 2 sessions available (10am and 1pm) location TBD

Rank One Sport will also be providing several online webinars.  Please email a Rank One Representative to reserve a spot. (see webinar schedule below):

Below are the training dates/times that Rank One has set aside to cover the initial setup. They are limiting each session to approx.. 6 schools.

To reserve your spot, please email the representative with the DATE and TIME you would like to join. Each representative’s email is below:

Greg Gonzalez – [email protected]
Kynze Mann – [email protected]
Justin Todd – [email protected]
Christian Casillas – [email protected]

Once your email is received, Rank One will reply letting you know that your spot is reserved or if you need to choose another date and time.

7/22 (Monday)
9:30am Kynze
12:00pm Greg
2:30pm Kynze7/23 (Tuesday)
9:30am Kynze
12:00pm Justin
2:30pm Kynze7/24 (Wednesday)
9:30am Greg
12:00pm Justin
2:30pm Justin
8/12 (Monday)
9:30am Christian
12:00pm Justin
2:30pm Greg8/13 (Tuesday)
9:30am Kynze
12:00pm Greg
2:30pm Christian8/14 (Wednesday)
9:30am Justin
12:00pm Kynze
2:30pm Christian

8/15 (Thursday)
9:30am Kynze
12:00pm Christian
2:30pm Greg

To join the webinar, please visit join.me/rankonesport. After clicking the link, type in your name and select “Knock to Join” to be placed inside the conference.

When you are in the conference you will then see a telephone icon with instructions on the phone number to call and the conference ID number that is needed to enter the webinar.

Schools that have used Rank One BEFORE 2019:
– 2 new online forms MUST be re-done by the Students / Parents:

  1.  Student Profile Form
  2. TAPPS Signature Page (this includes the Concussion, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and Steroid Form) These forms will be available after July 15.

– Medical History/Physicals that have already been scanned/uploaded will still be accepted. After July 15 these documents must now be UPLOADED to the student’s Files tab.

For additional questions please email
[email protected]

Please forward the above information to all persons at your school who will be involved in this process. As with any transition we will work with you on any issues that may arise.

Thank You
TAPPS Office