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Section 83 – Regular Attendance


  1. A student is in regular attendance even though he or she is absent for ten class days or less after enrolĀ­ling in school because of illness or other unavoidable cause, if the parent or guardian submits a written statement certifying this as the reason for the absence and the principal approves the absence.
  2. Students who are not enrolled during the current academic year, at the member school, are ineligible to participate in any extra curricular activity, including, but not limited to off season workouts and spring training.
  3. A student who drops out of a member school, transfers to another school, becomes homeschooled, or is expelled from a member school must re-establish eligibility at the TAPPS member school by following the transfer guidelines outlined in section 104 of the TAPPS By-Laws in order to participate in varsity athletic competition. This applies to all students, regardless of whether they participated in athletics at the new school/home school.