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Section 25 – Responsibilities of the Superintendent / Head Admin


The superintendent/head master of a member school:

  1. shall exercise direction and man­agement of all TAPPS contests and scrimmages in which schools in the district compete, including ap­pointing a game administrator for all home TAPPS varsity athletic team contests;
  2. shall enforce all rules of eligi­bility with respect to the students in their school;
  3. shall be responsible for fully cooperating with persons who are appointed by the District President, the TAPPS Executive Board, Fine Arts/Athletic Executive Committees or the TAPPS Director, to investigate allegations against the school, student representatives, or school district personnel;
  4. shall promptly report to the dis­trict executive committee any viola­tion of the TAPPS Constitution, By-Laws and Contest Rules by a student or participant school within the school or other schools unless the violation has already been reported;
  5. shall provide the district executive committee with full disclosure when a student’s grade, given by a teacher, is modified by an admini­strator in such a manner that affects TAPPS eligibility;
  6. shall determine that the events fee is paid;
  7. shall require the Professional Acknowledgment Form for all of the school’s coaches and sponsors of TAPPS academic, art and music activities (grades 9-12); a Student Acknowledgment of Rules Form from each competing student (Fine Arts and Athletics); and a completed Medical History and Physical Examination form for all athletes at the beginning of each school year. These forms shall be kept on file in the superinten­dent’s office.
  8. shall require an annual orientation for all 9-12 grade TAPPS directors, sponsors, advisers and coaches regarding TAPPS rules, expectations regarding appropriate conduct during TAPPS contests, goals and pur­poses;
  9. shall approve all athletic and fine arts schedule; and
  10. shall insure that results from all TAPPS contests are reported within 48 hours as prescribed in the TAPPS manual.